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1) La Crypte de Laeken. We even found maps with Generale Bank documents and a Commodore 64, so visiting this place is a flashback to the 80’s The most impressive part is the stylish entrance hall completely in decay. Urbex Database Map; Urbex gear; Carrière de Quenast. Urbex DB. View the best urbex locations and read about its history. Jutespinnerij en Twijnderij Filature du Rabot. Urban Exploration Resource: Featuring Urban Exploration stories and a huge database of locations and pictures from a variety of abandoned buildings and other unique places. Doel is an abandoned village in Belgium in the East Flanders at 30 kilometers from Antwerp. These Setts are used in particular on many old Belgium roads. Explore abandoned places using an interactive map of the world. Urbex Database Map; Urbex gear; Belgium. Navigate the map by clicking or double-tapping the colored regions below. Want to go hiking in Belgium to explore more of this corner of Europe? Here, with supporting illustrations, is our listing of the most unusual abandoned places in Belgium. Triage Lavoir de Péronnes lez Binche. I’m planning a trip on my own this Fall…still researching. … The director’s office is still in good condition, his old laptop, Belgian Francs, pictures and paintings are still present. Reconverted: Belgium: 2006-11-06: 2010-12-25: Vilvoorde Prison: as many as 12,000 tramps, drunks, and prostitutes, all those that the society of the time considered a nuisance, were crammed in on four floors.The vaulted cells had narrow slits as the only source of light. Abandoned hotel/restaurant somewhere in Belgium. The site is still active today. The Laeken Crypt Is a network of underground galleries built under the Laeken cemetery in Brussels. THE ABANDONED QUARRY IN BELGIUM ‘Carrière de Quenast’ is the largest open pit quarry in Europe with an area of 140 hectares and a maximal depth of 125m. ... but by looking on google maps… I visited this place early in the morning of a beautiful winter day. Apart from a … In this guide, we’ve reviewed our full collection of hikes and walking routes in Belgium to bring you the top 20 hiking routes in the region. Urbex – Villa Cannaert ... Villa Cannaert. Is there any way you can send me the France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Czech, Hungary urbex card if you have any? Posted on 15/01/2014. In the early 70s, Doel had a population of around 1,300. The Brussels photographer Norman Szkop introduces us to them. Exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe. Urbex Map: Abandoned Places in the World Discover some of our urban explorations in this map and travel all around the world through these abandoned places. Abandoned and lost urbex locations from Kingdom of Belgium, Königreich Belgien or Royaume de Belgique. The above France urbex card link is faulty…links to wikipedia. To see which of our walks in Belgium is the right one for you, browse real tips and photos uploaded by other hikers—and see what they had to say about each walk. Note that 51 undisclosed locations on this site are not included. Recently added | Featured | FAQ | Contact. Thanks! Belgium. View the best urbex locations and read about its history. It was a luxury place, a four star hotel/restaurant if I believe the placard in front of the street.

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