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A three-way conversation that gave rise to funny exchanges. It's been extreme speed ".Organize Survival′′ I got off the boat, put on as I could the GST (survival suit). We no longer consider people in the same way either. The story is punctuated by several extended flashback sequences in which we learn that Valentine's father, a supremely egotistical and domineering stage actor, has groomed his son almost from birth to follow in his footsteps. La réaction de Jennifer Aniston au Golden Globe de Brad Pitt vaut le détour Daniele Venturelli via Getty Images Billy Porter a encore mis tout le monde d'accord aux Golden Globes Golden Globe 2019, 'Green Book' miglior commedia e 'Bohemian Rhapsody' miglior film drammatico Chiara Ugolini Gli attori premiati: Rami Malek e … Stunning sailboat. from Aïda Valceanu.... this looks like a good yard for a refit!! ⛵️. Despite the difficulties I encountered there. I first contacted Jon in 1983 to ask if he would join me setting up the Short Handed Sailing Association of Australia. Many people keep thinking it is containers...and this is a big story today, with up to 1900 lost overboard....but there would be very few if any in the Southern Ocean...yes rubbish down there for sure, but also plenty of whales and other large sea life..I hit a whale in 1990 in the Southern Indian ocean and there are many more there today! The boat broke in half ahead of the mast bulkhead. Otherwise nothing will happen ...Our oceans are becoming more and more polluted and nothing is getting done by the UN..These IMOCA boats are like formula one racing machines, a UFO collusion will be disastrous at that high speed.. With all due respect for your achievements, there are much more containers floating now in the Indian ocean than in the 90s, and much less whales. This is framed quite realistically and Valentine, Sr. is apparently aware of but unable to control his nearly homicidal rage. They should redesign these ships, somehow. Fibreglass boat built like a tank. These are boats that can go very fast, but it's "on" or "off" . Fresh Messages from Ta…, Tapio #Lehtinen While being escorted towards land by pilot whales, a boat beating upwind crossed astern of us. Profession ? » #GGR2022 ... See MoreSee Less. ', Very nice boat but sailing with something projecting 3m out in the water at 20knts is bound to hit something and cause damage in a 24000mile voyage, Dear Alex, i am so proud to be a fan of you. The guy clinging to his power boat off the Florida coast gets mentioned in the sports news. :) ... See MoreSee Less, VERY INTERESTING!!!! She makes you smile every time ..follow will not regret it...woop woop!! He was Formula 40 champion, you had to see what it was like at the time (Formule 40 was the 80's ORMA of 40’ catamarans ndrl). Bonne continuation. Everyone mentions sonar, but how would that work if it's not continuously submerged? For me, they are not boats made for that (VG), they're not adapted to what we're doing here. ⛵️⛵️⛵️⛵️⛵️⛵️ This was the Irish government's commitment to sailing... We will build another one soon., Follow Knox-Johnston was the sole finisher in the race and the first  to sail solo non-stop around the world. :) Pip Hare Ocean Racing05628896648">#GGR2022...Go Pip Hare Ocean RacingPip Hare Ocean Racing"I can't quite believe it, I am up to 17th, I am going to celebrate with something for me" Watch Pip's latest video here #medallia #imoca #vg2020 #offshoresailing #solosailing ... See MoreSee Less. But today, we don't hate being able to start the car when we need to, no matter what time of day or night. We learn in these flashback segments that Valentine, Sr. subjects his son to monstrous and potentially fatal child abuse. It took me 153 days to get there, rounding the third and final Cape. At the conclusion of the novel, Valentine says that he has reclaimed his fortune (long inaccessible to him during his life on the run) and thrown in his lot with the Heinleiners, a reclusive group of libertarian idealists who are building a starship and planning a voyage to the stars. Carry on and enjoy the race position AND the clean hair! The solar system has been colonized by human refugees fleeing aliens (known as "the Invaders"). Sir Robin Knox-Johnston agreed to be our patron and so a friendship began. be happy. Subjects will include serious and silly opinions on life, Daily routine, wet weather gear, weather reports,communications, drogues,harnesses, food, cooking, writing logs, sleeping-when- in- on what, and with who ( Joke!) I had strengthened it, I did everything, I have no regret over what I did. I hit a whale in the N Atlantic, it may well have been a log as well, hit many of those in the Pacific! maybe not as Jean Luc is now retired? In seconds there was water everywhere. Nothing nicer than clean hair after it’s been dirty for a while.. Jean Le Cam is back racing in the Vendée Globe and Kevin has been transferred ending another chapter..Well done to the VG organisers and all the support and rescue professionals. Trimming sails to in the raft in the space of a few minutes. Floating trees....let’s not forget natural debris.... And who's responsible? . Though the reader gradually comes to believe Elwood is a figment of Valentine's imagination, the climactic confrontation between Valentine and his father blurs this distinction considerably. ***Historic. Be ready for another incredible adventure! Water was in the cockpit all the way to the door ".Jumping in the raft′′ I wanted to stay on board a little longer but I could see everything was going very quickly and then I got a swirl and went to the water with the raftAt that point I wasn't reassured at all... You're in a raft with 35 knots of wind. No time to take pictures (which wasn't even possible as it was pitch dark), keep on going: pushing my boat and myself. He sent me his book before my BOC challenge which I could not read till after I rounded Cape Horn. Lundi à Paris... Ça sera moins festif , Lot of fun...but the guy on the bottom right did not make it to the start so he became mayor of the town while waiting to join in GGR2030 ;-) Yannick Moreau. Pic from @Riaan Smit ...Still no official confirmation that the rudder damage was cause by impact with a UFO or just structural damage? Maybe it’s time to build stronger in stead of faster. Moi, perso, je trouve un President qui se filme avec 2 cameras quand il passe un coup de fil, ridicule. PICTURES OF YESTERYEAR -Managed by PPL PHOTO AGENCY – COPYRIGHT RESERVED PHOTO CREDIT : PPL Tel: +44(0) 7768 395719 E-mail: Web: The story of a Boat breaking up!! Crickey. Merci Jean-Luc d’avoir porté haut nos couleurs ! Forward looking sonar Now the Event is back to his French matrix, . Pic#lessablesdolonne #ggr2018 #ggr2022…, 322days at sea, alone! The Return of the 1968 Sunday Times Golden Globe Yacht Race. Fantastic seamen! Rudder behind it protected by the keel. :) Le Cam’s take on foilers, translated from French interview:"I've never sailed on a foiling IMOCA so it was interesting to have Kevin’s take on it. I still have it. He fell like folded. For everyone else it was; Robin was the sole finisher among 9 starters to complete this 30,000 mile supreme endurance race, organised by the Sunday Times newspaper. Love to hear her talk about her days, difficult days, with a smile on her face! ... See MoreSee Less, Massive Cargo Loss: Estimated 1,900 Containers Lost or Damaged on ONE Apus – gCaptain, worst single incident in history..1900 Miles NW of Hawaii :(. And troubles in the office are not only located to the ocean , A hard hit this one. Who is the Willie Nielson/Crocodile Dundee looking fellow on the left? It's a test in these conditions to board a 60 ', especially when you're forced into your moves by the TPS. Le Vendée Globe est à ce jour la plus grande course à la voile autour du monde, en solitaire, sans escale et sans assistance. Jean Luc Van Den Heede #GGR2018 yacht Matmut ( now owned by GGR 22 entrant Graham Dalton) is at the village and today we were about to put up a huge GGR banner on the boat and flags etc for the crowds. There's not mention of ANY world sailing events in Canada sadly. and more in the years ahead...Sad indeed so good luck Sam and stay safe!! It’s a different animal, boats should be boats, Jean is famous for very direct comments :-), Et oui les foils paresses peu durable dans les océans du sud, Happy and sad to see Alex Thomson Racing just docked at the V & A Waterfront in Cape Town. why don't use a foiling system like the figaro's one? I swear, I'm not exaggerating anything... there was a 90° angle between the back and the front of the boat ".Mayday′′ I haven't had time to do anything. Everything was going down. entertainment, sails,navigation, anti fouling, power systems, toilets, girlfriends and politics…OPPS ?? It tells a special story….about Adventure and the human spirit, not money or business, or speed, or high tech…but a human endeavour that is too real!! . I think the point is more "they are too new to be known entities in these conditions". :)...Will one win the, Some jobs happening in Brittany - rudder off - stripped - minor repairs - probably new gudgeons (love that word), hood lining out, deck fittings being fabricated in stainless - old toilet out - new bidet going in. It's life that is like that and that made us change. He kept looking and found Kevin at night 2AM from light on liferaft. Please donate... Best of luck to Sam. The main character is deeply conflicted, original, and interesting. Stepping back to the Golden Age of Solo Sailing, Two Golden Globe Race sailors honoured by the Cruising Club of America, OGR and GGR at Boot Dusseldorf, 18-26 January 2020. But at this time, the foilers are in the lead. After seeing the state off Hugo boss I was surprised, the speed and impacts that these boats generate are unbelievable and PRB proved that. In the main storyline, he is, after 70 years on the run, eventually put on trial for this murder, and his case is weighed by the Central Computer of Luna. #GGR2022. The Ostar and the Whitbread Round the World Race started here but the French truly took it heart and when Plymouth lost interest and the rest is history. Not Captain Coconut, I assume. W…, Tapio #Lehtinen (via satellite)Flag astern, biggest blue & white gennaker up, green water, seagulls, dolphins, sun…, ETA Tapio FRENCH TIME 1800-2200hrs SUNDAY 19th MAY!!!! Epic!! I still have it. After seeing the repairs that Alex made to Hugo boss I was impressed they decided to push on and would guess the the repairs wouldn't have survived the southern ocean even at reduced speed. "His wife Anne is a lot less diplomatic:"Jean was the first to sail on the Hydroptère (of SA fame), he knows foilers by heart. I saw smoke, the electronics burning. You've earned it. I suspect the forces and speeds involved in Imoca 60’s, create much of the damage, along with auto pilot steering, not avoiding waves. En revanche je suis d'accord avec vous, Don, quand vous dites "the power of sailing " en France, c'est vrai, oui :) Merci d'avoir partagé cette video que je n'avais pas encore vue :). What a great day that was, so exciting to first glimpse Matmut and then see JVH looking so relaxed and calm, out for a morning sail. Hissez haut !! The French as usual are showing us how it is done, Merci pour tout! Question and question yourself. Happy to see him safely in port, but sad in so many way. :) ... See MoreSee Less, Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Google PlusShare on Linked InShare by Email, You have to LOVE this lady!! Mike Baker let's see if the foilers try and go round the Southern Ocean depressions! Old boats with dagger boards are still going! Pourtant, en raison des directives du Golden Globe, le film a été soumis dans la catégorie Meilleur film en langue étrangère. The bib before was not accessible, it was already three meters below the water. Yeah and they sink just enough to attain a neutral buoyancy, that's when you can't see them a bang there goes your keel or rudder. Your office is the sea, enjoy it. ... See MoreSee Less, Why do we all look so much younger, good question ! If your not following her amazing passion, strength , humanity, fun and so entertaining and real video are missing truly special Vendée Globe moments. If your not following her amazing passion, strength , humanity, fun and so entertaining and real video are missing truly special, "I can't quite believe it, I am up to 17th, I am going to celebrate with something for me" Watch Pip's latest video here #medallia #imoca #vg2020 #offshoresailing #solosailing, So the lack of storms to far (Touch wood) and reasonably consistent weather paints a completely different picture than. . Ish. Its not even our country! At this rate you won't be the only one in Chichester class. Thanks, Jean Luc Van Den Heede, à bord de "Matmut II", revient en quelques mots sur 4 ans d’un partenariat riche en émotions avec sa victoire à la Golden Globe Race.

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